What does Stratuga do?

Stratuga lets you select a map, and add multiple objects to it, so that you can show a specific strategy or tactic, or mark important locations and paths. You can then share this map as you see fit.

Whats the point?

Its main focus is virtual world maps, in particular for games that require some team effort and planning, as a replacement to a simple image or drawing. Stratuga allows for a high definition map that can have as little or as much detail and information as you need. You then get a link unique to the created map that can be shared, edited or even embedded (using an iframe)  in other websites as needed.

What are the key features?

– Similar to a real world whiteboard, but with the advantages of being online;
– Zoomable and scrollable map;
– Full list of elements such as icons, text and geometrical shapes that can be added to the map;
– Different icon presets for each map with the most commonly used elements;
– Unique link and page to your final map, so you can share it however you desire.

Interested in the development and whats to come?

Check out our trello board to see whats being done and planned for the future! You can also leave your own feedback in what features you want to see implemented