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  • Fixed a bug where the account password couldn’t be changed.
  • Fixed a bug there map visibility in the account settings wasn’t getting updated.
  • Fixed a bug where the option to delete a map from a playbook was going full ninja and not showing.



  • Overwatch now has its own page! You can find all maps and some interesting and usefull playbooks here. We will update this page with more playbooks often so check back for more. Also if you have a great map or playbook that you think should be featured here, let us know!

Editor (Founder and Patron members):

  • We added a new option to the editor for Founder and Patron members that lets you import elements from other maps into the map youre working on! Simply copy the ID from a map of the same background as the one you are working on and it will add all elements from that map into the new one. So if you have some base elements you want to reuse, find a good map that want to add to your own or simply want to group a few maps together, try it out!
    • You can find the map ID on any map you visit:
    • Then just copy that ID into the text box on the add elements section of the editor and watch the magic happen 🙂

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