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A new round of changes just in!


As a way of improving the editing and creation of maps, we are adding the first of several patches of changes specifically for the editor:
Sometimes you just have too many elements cluttering your work area, this should help a bit.

– Option to lock an element and prevent it from being edited.
– Option to hide an element without deleting it.

– Added a notification for when the elements are being loaded and for when they finish


As a way to improve the way you can access and share your maps, we are adding public profiles and playbooks. to know more about them make sure to check out the more in depth news regarding these functionalities.

– Added public user pages with a list of maps and playbooks for each user.

You can change the visibility of your page in the settings page if you prefer to keep your stuff private. We might expand on this idea depending on how you guys react to it.

– Added playbooks.

Playbooks are a way of keeping your maps organised and a way to have a static link to a specific map collection. You can think of it as map folders or playlists. You can name them, add or remove maps, select an image to represent it and make them public or available only by link. to know more check out the post about them!

– Updated the layout of the maps and icons pages.

– Updated the main menu to reflect the new pages and to keep things a bit more organized.