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Playbooks are a new way of sharing and organizing your maps. You can compare them to song/video playlists or folders. Currently you can customize: 

– the picture on the cover;
– the title;
– Its visibility (if it shows in your public page or not);
– The list of maps in the playbook.

There are 2 way to create a playbook. Visit your playbooks page and select New empty playbook or directly in your maps page press More… and select the Create new playbook option. Both options will create a new empty playbook in your playbooks page that can then be customized how you see fit. Don’t forget that any image you upload to the my icons page can also be user as a cover for the playbook.


To add a map simply visit you maps page and press More… . From the new options select the playbook where you want to add the map too, or create a new empty playbook and add the map to it. Maps can be added to multiple playlists, but for now you can only add your own maps, but we are working on allowing for any map to be added in the near future.


This should get you started, but if you have any questions, drop us a line!