Another batch of updates!

– Text as been added! You can now add Text directly into the map!
РText works a bit similar to icons as the size does not change depending on the zoom. This means it will always be readable no matter what zoom level you are using;
– The anchor for the text is always the center of the text box, keep that in mind when adding new elements; ūüôā

– Fixed some dragging problems when creating new elements on top of existing elements;
– When creating a new element, that elements color will be the last used color (if you created a element before that or changed the color of one, it will use that color);
– Fixed some bugs with colors not being saved properly;

Planing with friends:
– If the user is logged in, the user name and avatar will be displayed on the sidebar and mouse icon. You can change these at the my profile page;
– Fixed a bug where the map title and description was not being updated to the other connected people;
– Fixed a bug where sometimes elements where not being loaded when joining a new room;

Dota 2:
РChanged the outdated map to a new version.

That’s all for this week, if you want to see whats coming next, check out the development roadmap! Any questions or tips, leave us a message on facebook or twitter, or contact us by the contact page!