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A list of the changes included in this patch.

Counter Strike:

– Added cobblestone to the map list;
– Updated train and overpass to their most recent versions (maps saved with the older versions will still display the map where they were created. Removed the old versions of these maps from the map list);
– 2 new icons have been added! Danger and Jump Boost;
– Maps now display the correct distances for creating elements and for range indicators on icons;
– Grenades now come with a default range indicator when created.

League of Legends:
– Added a new icon category – Monsters and Minions – with 23 new icons;
– Wards and trinkets now come with a default range indicator when created.

– Added Hockey and Rugby to the map list;
– Added new icons to the sports category.

– Fixed the add element list on the editor so that it displays default game icons depending on the map that was loaded;
– Enabled search by game from the drop down menu;
– Changed the UI of the add element list to allow for easier recognition of the icon categories by game;